ceramic welding backings

trapezoid groove round groove cylindric rails + magnete special items

The whole range of ceramic backings presented here comprises the most commonly used types covering the majority of applications in any segment. The range comprises grey and brown ceramic blocks/strips
Grey backings are of a harder ceramic with a higher melting point and a lower slag formation than that of brown types. Grey backings are more prone to cracking due to thermal expansion and therefore they themselves always need support in the form of a rail or adhesive tape.
Brown backings can be applied without a support and in addition can be cut to required lengths.

ceramic backing shapes


product code of Deppe welding backings

Welding backups numbers 4** = grey ceramic
Welding backups numbers 5** = brown ceramic
C = only ceramic (loose blocks) product code e.g. 401C ceramic backing 401
R = rail
T =  self-adhesive aluminium tape
W = wire
1 = 500 mm
2 = 600 mm
3 = 900 mm
4 = 1000 mm
product code e.g. 401T2 = ceramic backing 401C, on self-adhesive aluminium tape (T), length 600mm (2)

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